Irene Fischer

My Long Walk To Freedom

If a picture tells a story of a thousand words, then a video surely reveals more than what the written or spoken word ever could.

Body language and facial expressions in motion divulge a lot about any given person’s self-confidence, their struggle and pride and the hardship(s) endured.

Even though our journeys differ in unspeakable ways, may I be as brave as to echo Nelson Mandela’s title from his biography, “My Long Walk To Freedom”, to try to explain the physical, mental and emotional struggle I had to endure to finally leave my wheelchair behind and move around with the assistance of a cane.

And of course of the victorious sense of accomplishment I still feel!

After initially being completely paralyzed on the right side of my body, I regained a lot of movement and strength since 2009, thanks to prolonged physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

It took me three years and nine months to be able to walk a few steps semi-independently. That is almost two million minutes.

Try to count to two million.

Stay patient. And determined. Optimistic. Motivated. Then you might get an inkling of an idea of how committed I had to be.

Please indulge me. I want to show you a 3 minute video that will give you a little glimpse of that journey.