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“Who would believe that such a gruesome accident can spark a wonderful zest for life, wisdom and insight, motivation and inspiration? To walk with Irene down the road to a whole new life should give anyone who pick up and read this book greater understanding of the word determination.” – HELGA STEYN

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I am Still here is a nonfiction memoir that chronicles Irene’s journey to recovery after she was in a horrific and suddenly found herself in a totally different world – the challenging world of the disabled.

Her story details her desperate search for answers to difficult questions that arise due to her brain that was badly injured and its remarkable ability of repairing itself to a great extent.

Irene tells of about the important lessons she learned after the life altering accident, the enriching as well as upsetting experiences and all her remarkable victories.

Her courage, determination and fighting spirit will certainly amaze and inspire you.

Her book is available in English as “I am Still Here” and Afrikaans as “Ek is Nog Hier”.

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South African Independent Publisher Awards


In May 2016 Irene won two South African Independent Publisher Awards at the Athol Fugard and JM Coetzee Literary Festival held in Booktown, Richmond in the Karoo.

The first was the Miriam Tlali Award for best autobiography/memoir and the second was the BOOKBEDONNERD Award for being the overall winner out of 26 entries.

It was awarded to her by Peter Barker and Darryl David.