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Afrikaanse Uittreksel

irene fischer book i am still here

Wanneer ’n eier breek kan jy haar nie weer terugkry in haar dop nie, maar sy bly nog steeds geel, haar “binnegoed” is steeds dieselfde, net bietjie messed-up. Ek bloei nog steeds rooi.

Ek is fisies bietjie herverpak, maar ek bly ’n mens – ’n volwaardige mens. My kernwaardes is steeds dieselfde. Ek is steeds Irene.

Ek wil so graag vir almal gil dat ons almal, of jy nou ’n soepel akrobaat of ’n opgefrommelde kaartmannetjie is – ons ALMAL bly steeds human beings. Ons almal se bloed is rooi, ons almal word bang, word honger, lag, huil, word kwaad, maak foute. Ons het almal ’n hart en ’n brein. Ongeag van taal, ras, geloof of ouderdom, ons almal snak soms na asem, hetsy as gevolg van opwinding of uit vrees.

Vergeet van al die etikette en die titels soos dokter, dominee, professor, onderwyser, gestremde … Sien die mens raak. Kyk verby my dop en sien my raak.

English Excerpt

irene fischer book i am still here

It’s remarkable how strong and resilient the human spirit can be and what you can get used to if you don’t really have a choice. Most people don’t realise that if your only mode of operating is survival, you switch over to autopilot and you do what you can to survive.

So some people call me inspirational and courageous, but I think you will understand. I could never give up, I had to look after myself, I had to try and build the best possible life for myself.

Your state of mind plays a big role in how quickly you recover and what you can achieve.
The decisions you make today determine your future.
Your views determine your decisions.
Your decisions determine how you act.
Your actions determine how you experience the world.

It is important that you yourself create the world you want to live in. Your actions help to shape your world.

You control your tongue and your legs. Use them wisely.

Do things that make you feel good about yourself. Make sure that when you rest your head on your pillow after a long day, you feel satisfied about what you’ve achieved that day; that you feel good about everything you’ve said and done. You are the person you have to live with every day and therefore you must love yourself. Hopefully you have made a difference in someone else’s life, no matter how small.

Do something every day that excites you.

Walk barefoot on wet grass. Eat cheese whirls for breakfast. Or chocolates. Do a cartwheel. Do it because you are breathing and you can talk and you can walk.

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