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A million little things can go wrong when the brain breaks.

I should know because my skull cracked, my brain bled and I suffered inevitable damage. To my brain.

My name is Irene Fischer and my life changed abruptly when I was involved in a massive car accident in which I sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and consequently suffered brain damage. (Read more about the accident here.)

Brain injury, and the inevitable brain damage that follows, are surrounded in a cloud of gloomy preconceived ideas. I, for one, am quite embarrassed to admit that before I sustained a brain injury I was rather oblivious about what it could entail if the brain got severely injured and impaired.

Unfortunately an unhealthy lack of awareness persist among the general public in South Africa even though brain injury is the leading cause of disability in our country.

There is a projected 4 million people currently living with the various socially-alienating disabilities that might ensue after a brain injury.

Due to the giant lack of awareness a nasty, dark stigma clings to the terms “brain injury” and “brain damage” and this leads to awful prejudiced ideas and regrettable judgements.

Unfortunately most people are only mindful and attentive to any particular disability if a loved one is directly affected.

I want to try and change that. I feel the need to. And I believe you can help me.

I feel a mind shift is desperately needed countrywide in order to cultivate a change in attitude towards brain injury survivors so that we can become a more diverse yet integrated society.

I hope the information you find here provides you with a better understanding of TBI and the vast variety of socially alienating disabilities that can ensue.